Retro Green: Video of Jack Nicholson's 1978 Hydrogen Car

Jack Nicholson's Hydrogen Chevy
Not exactly news anymore, but this CBC video from 1978 is pretty cool in a retro-green way. It shows a young Jack Nicholson driving a Chevy powered by hydrogen that was made with solar power. He even does the classic move of breathing in the water-vapor exhaust. I wonder what Jack is driving these days?Current Hydrogen Cars
The latest on the hydrogen front is the news that Honda has delivered its first FCX Clarity, only about a month after production of the fuel cell car began. But there will only be a small number, they will only be available for leasing in California, and we still don't know how to produce hydrogen from clean sources on a large scale (or rather, if we had all that clean energy, why not use it in electric cars with batteries and hypercapacitors directly?).

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