Rethink Like Pinky Pink!

Asking school kids to reconsider the impact of their actions and "Rethink Like Pinky Pink" takes time, energy, and commitment. And with over 500 million ink & toner cartridges disposed of in landfills and incinerators every year, Pinky Pink's Ink has taken on the task of using them as a vehicle to help educate kids about saving the environment. They're a relatively new localized non-profit in Northern Nevada that's offering businesses a free service by recovering those empty containers and using the proceeds to participating elementary schools to help them educate kids there about the environment, and what we all can do to protect it. That's because those cartridges lying in a landfill would take over a thousand years to decompose on their own, and so the benefits will keep coming long after the schools use the funds, and those kids grandkids are working on a different problem to help save the planet. Sounds great to me!

via:: Warren McLaren

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