Resurf: First Group to Recycle Surfboards and Wetsuits

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So you hit a gnarly wave and end up on shore with your board in two pieces. Bummer dude. But your green side can't bear to just trash that board that's gotten you through some pretty wild rides. You could repair it yourself, but don't really know how. Never fear, ReSurf Recycling in Oceanside, CA will both take your old, broken boards and turn them into things like asphalt for roads. But now you need a replacement, right? Well, Green Foam Blanks will sell you a "new" blank made from 60% recycled foam, which you can take to your local shaper and make into your own custom board. Surfing veterans Joey Santley and Steve Cox, developed ReSurf Recycling and Green Foam Blanks to help close the loop on toxic materials in surfing (i.e. the boards) that just end up in trash cans and to offer gear that makes use of stuff already in the waste stream.

Why Use a Recycled Surfboard?

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Roughly 1,000 surfboards are made every day between Los Angeles and Mexico. 20% of the foam used to make these boards is ultimately scrapped, creating a giant waste stream, not to mention the toxic products used to cure the boards. ReSurf Recycling, launched in 2007, decided that the surfing community, already in touch with nature and the environment, would support an endeavor to cleanup this waste and launched their organization to close all of the open loops. ReSurf will recycle used boards, the scrap foam from manufacturing and even thrashed neoprene wetsuits. ReSurf recently partnered with O'Neill and Quicksilver to recycled the unused neoprene wetsuit scraps (an estimated 250 tons across the industry) into 100% recycled yoga mats.

So a recycled board might be good for the planet, but will it actually hold up? Yep, the boards are durable and cost-competitive with traditional boards on the market. Groups like ...Lost Surfboards, Channel Islands, and Surf Prescriptions are all using them. Shaper Matt "Mayhem" Biolos of ...Lost Surfboards said,

When I first saw the recycled blanks, they reminded me of when recycled paper first came out, it was a bit rough, but got the job done all while saving resources and lessening waste. The blanks are a tad coarse with some imperfections and take a bit of savvy to finish sanding them, yet for the most part the strength to weight ratio is on target. The specks of stringer and colored glue dust adds character and defines their look. Starting immediately, we will offer Green Foam Blanks to anyone who wishes to get a board made.

Boards that still have some life in them, but are donated, are refurbished and then given to Surfers Healing, which takes kids with autism out surfing. Dropoff Locations are available throughout Southern California for broken or old surfboards. If you're interested in becoming a board drop-off location, you can contact ReSurf to be listed among the locations and to get an official sticker. :Resurf:Green Foam Blanks
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