Residual Gurus Rock! Electronic Music Unplugged with Recycled Instruments (Video)

Residual Gurus music show with recycled instruments

photo credit: © Xirriquiteula Teatre

The five Barcelona-based Residual Gurus have decided to fight trash with comical roaming concerts, and are touring Europe at the moment. These talented musicians know how to transform rubbish into a spiritual performance that turns the street into a stimulating yet unpredictable haven. "Eastern rhythms, electronic sounds, original instruments, laughter, meditation and improvisation combine in an unrepeatable, collective ritual." The musical group Karam started the show Residual Gurus last year to raise awareness about our trash problem in a very creative and fun way. Have a look at the video below; it'll make you smile if nothing else!

Check out the Residual Gurus' MySpace site for tour dates. ::Residual Gurus
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