Renting Textbooks Via Your Phone With Chegg

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We've already recommended you stop purchasing brand new textbooks for school. (Hey, if reusing books is cheaper, why aren't all broke college students doing it?) But with everyone vying for the same used, rental textbooks this fall, time is of the essence. That's why Chegg created their mobile rental service.Now, you can text the ISBN number of your needed book to the following number: 44144 and you will be sent a reply with the rental price for the quarter and the semester. If you like what you see, you can follow the link provided in the text to Chegg's site and get your book on the spot. Don't have the ISBN? No problem, you can also search by author/title. currently has over 2.4 million books, and allows renters to not just rent books by the quarter or semester, but also choose which time period works best for receiving the book. Plus, for each textbook you rent, a tree will be planted through Forests Global ReLeaf Program. :Mobile Marketer
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