Renewable Energy for the Developing World

The blurb reads: "Looking for an educational eco-vacation in the Latin American tropics? This January, join Solar Energy International at Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica for a seven-day overview course on renewable energy technologies for the developing world." They go on to say the program is "focused on learning through hands-on work. We'll spend about one-third of our time in the classroom, studying renewable energy technology basics. The rest of our time will be in the field or lab, getting our hands dirty, learning by doing. The course is taught in both English and Spanish." And it could be just the cold cure for those sick of shovelling snow to the north as they "take a two-hour lunch/siesta/swimming break in the middle of each day." But at the grindstone you'll be learning about solar cooking, solar hot water, solar electric maintenance, plus methane biogas, wind and hydro power generators. All the details of the next course, in late January, at ::Solar Energy International via a Builders without Borders enewsletter.