Reminder: What's the Big Idea? Contest Entries Due Monday, April 30


There are lots of big, green, planet-helping ideas out there. On a smaller scale, things like changing a lightbulb and getting rid of phantom power are good; on a larger scale, things like wave power and fuel cell cars have enormous potential to change our lives in a green way. If you have a big idea that'll help the environment, the Sundance Channel is looking for you! They'd like you to pick up a camera and make a 1 minute short film about it; if they think it's big enough and green enough (judges will consider 25% each: creativity/originality; appropriateness to the contest theme; idea feasibility; and presentation/expression of ideas), they'll award you a one-year lease on a Lexus hybrid, and $10,000 to help your idea go from video to the real world. You'd better hurry, though; the contest entry period ends this coming Monday, April 30. Is your big idea "the" next big thing? Upload your video by Monday to find out! ::Sundance Channel's "What's the Big Idea" Video Contest