Reminder: Use Less


Food for thought graces the stairway leading to the G train platform in Brooklyn, NY. While switching trains from the L to the G at the Lorimer/Metropolitan Avenue/Grand Street commuters are reminded to "Use Less". Completed in 2000, this mosaic is part of an exhibit by Jackie Chan called "Signs of Life." A permanent exhibit, it covers much of the walls of the station. Other thoughtful messages conveyed to those in transit through art include juxtapositions such as "History Your Story" "Same Sane" and "Faith Fate."

Using less is a concept that gets thrown around quite a bit here amongst us TreeHuggers. Whether it be choosing cars that have less emissions or shopping for energy efficient appliances its seems that making a conscious effort to just use a little less is a good guideline and an easy creed to follow.

How then does the constant reminder to use less impact our actions? What results from this sort of messaging? Could it be that G-train riders end up using less?

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