Reminder: Two Weeks Left in Current TV's Ecospot Contest

Based on the idea that we can all do something to help solve the climate crisis -- and that there isn't anything that can't be done in a more eco-friendly, less greenhouse gas-emitting way -- this sample entry to Current TV's :60 Seconds to Save the Earth video contest hops the pond to take a peek under the hood at Europe's first solar-powered recording studio. Powered by 18 photovoltaic panels, the studio is racking up the energy, money savings and greenhouse gas emission savings while still cranking out the tunes. Remember, you have until September 12 to upload your very own video entry; if Cameron Diaz, George Clooney, Orlando Bloom, Rihanna and the other judges like it enough, it could air on Current and you could win one of a handful of prizes, including a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Click on over to Current to learn more, and see more sample videos here, here and here on TreeHugger and here on Current. Good luck! ::Current TV's :60 Seconds to Save the Earth Ecospot Contest