Reminder: Pure Waste Challenge -- Read, Commit, Act


Now that we've covered all three primers associated with the Pure Waste Challenge, presented by the Hinkle Charitable Fund (HCF) -- change to compact fluorescent lightbulbs, upgrade to a tankless water heater and stop unnecessary engine idle -- we wanted to remind anyone who hasn't to consider taking the challenge, and taking action to help stop global warming and benefit a worthy green non-profit at the same time. It's super-easy; all you have to do is:
1) Read the primers, either here or here on TreeHugger.
2) Commit to thinking about changing your behavior, based on the three primers. Nothing life-altering, but meaningful changes, for sure.
3) Act and confirm your commitment by sending a quick email to purewaste(at)thehcf(dot)org with your name and email.When you click "Send," HCF will donate $100 on your behalf to the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), a charity which promotes solar rural electrifiction and energy self-sufficiency in developing countries. Everybody wins, and it'll only take you a minute or two. Review the primers here and please consider taking some quick action for a worthy cause.

::Hinkle Charitable Foundation and ::SELF present ::Pure Waste Challenge