Reminder: "Lights Out San Francisco" Takes Place Tomorrow


At the beginning of this month, we announced that "Lights Out San Francisco" was happening October 20th. We just wanted to remind all of those that might be in that wonderful city that this is tomorrow! From 8pm to 9pm residents and businesses will be turning off all non-essential lights and, in addition, the organization is asking those in San Fran to install one CFL light bulb. A candlelight celebration to watch the city go dark will take place, with live music, in Dolores Park from 5:30pm to 9pm. Many restaurants will also be participating by offering a candlelight dinner in support of "Lights Out."

We've seen other cities join in around the world with their own "Lights Out" events and now, on March 29, 2008, all of America is asked to participate. More to come as the event approaches but, in the meantime, visit the "Lights Out" website to learn more and how you can help make it success. ::Lights Out America ::Lights Out San Francisco

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