Reminder: Current TV's Ecospot Contest Rolls On

For anyone still requiring inspiration for creating their own video for Current TV's Ecospot Contest, we submit "Break Free," a user-created video offering an eco-tip familiar to TreeHugger. While we'll make you watch the video, to get the full effect, here's a hint: there are six wheels and human power involved. Remember, they're looking for your creative, provocative take on how to solve the climate crisis, and you have precisely 15, 30 or 60 seconds of video to do so. The clock is ticking ever-closer to the September 12 submission deadline, so make haste and remember that there's more than just pride at stake: you can win your very own climate change fighter: a shiny new Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Dive in to the details here before you submit and see more sample vids here and here on TreeHugger and here on Current. ::Current TV's Ecospot Contest