Refugees From East African Drought & Famine Tell Their Harrowing Stories

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We've tried painting a compelling picture of the ongoing drought in East Africa, and accompanying famine in parts of Somalia, but without anyone on the ground there we've mostly just used stats and short clips of video. There have been few personal accounts of what's going on--until now: Head over to The Guardian for their compelling interactive piece on the stories of people who've had their lives entirely upended by extreme weather and changing climate. Now their in the largest refugee camp in the world.

Here's a sample:

Three children cling listlessly to Habiba Ibrahim Iftin's legs. For more than a month they sat on a donkey cart, plodding to the Kenyan border. They were trying to escape hunger. They only just succeeded. Iftin and her husband were pastoralists. He moved regularly with their animals, and she grew crops at their home. When the rainy seasons were good they lived a decent life. But in recent years the rains were weak. late in 2010 there was no harvest at all...As the animals became weaker, Iftin's husband was forced to start selling them in order to buy food. But with prices of staple goods shooting up the money quickly ran out. Together with five other families, they decided to leave...The five families walked on the main roads, moving during the day and night...Eventually they reached Kenya. While her children are getting stronger, Iftin said Dadaab has not live up to its promise. "We have not been given shelter or enough food," she said.

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