Refugee Radio

Mareike Gast is a designer based in Berlin, Germany. One of her current designs, the Refugee Radio would seem very pertinent just now, especially given the confusion and homelessness resulting from Hurricane Katrina. It’s not obvious from her site if the radio is commercial or a prototype. But given that she undertook a internship for Freeplay in South Africa, whose basic premise is to deliver communications and power to in-need remote communities, we have to assume the credentials are pretty solid. Apparently the radio is powered solely by radio waves! Sounds stunning. Don’t ask me how that works though, I’m hoping some of our learned readers will enlighten us. It’s a DIY unit, with the little transporting box printed up like an instruction manual. Long term refugees or those folk in emergency situations would be given the kit to tune into important news. This gem is brought to you via the eagle eyes of Tipster Austin K. ::Mareike Gast Design