[re]design Show at Bluebird


After Good & Gorgeous? in September, [re]design just opened their latest exhibition at Bluebird, one of the Conran restaurants in Chelsea, London. [Re]design is a not for profit organisation that ‘supports designers who don’t want to make landfill and encourages consumers to engage in the stories behind the products they invite into their homes’. Seventeen designers are each showing one of their sustainable contemporary designs. Whether elegant, humorous or ingenious, it’s all engaging, thoughtful and innovative stuff that you are even encouraged to interact with. In this exhibition, you are invited to touch and use some of the objects displayed throughout the Bluebird complex, often where you least expect them - even in the gents. Objects to look out for are a cinema chair made from reclaimed cinema seats by Guy Arzi, lights made from crushed plastic bottles by Studiomold, cushion cubes made from organic hemp by Pieces of You and a surprisingly comfy sofa made from retired Euro bins by Wemake. Toby Hadden’s Lattice Lampshade you can bake yourself, the beautiful Cascade and Flowerfall by Michelle Brand and Giles Miller’s amazingly length-adaptable Ex-Box Bench made from recycled cardboard are only a few more of the sustainable designs you can get your hands on at Bluebird. All designs are available to buy directly from the designers. The exhibition is on until March 26th. ::Bluebird ::[re]design

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