Red Carpet-Green Cars Campaign Wins Big at the Emmy Awards

Celebrity vehicle of choice, the fuel-efficient hybrid, got red carpet treatment at this year's Emmy Awards. Nominee Charlize Theron (HBO's "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers"), actress Kyra Sedgwick (TNT's "The Closer"), Nominee Cynthia Nixon (HBO's "Warm Springs") and Nominee Jeffrey Tambor (FOX's "Arrested Development") planned to attend this year's Awards in fuel-efficient hybrid cars instead of gas-guzzling limousines.With the current state of global affairs and the increasing price of oil and gasoline, Global Green has teamed up with the Hollywood community to educate and inspire the public to reduce our dependence on oil and advocate for a more peaceful and environmentally sustainable world. In addition, the threat of climate change has exacerbated the impact of Hurricane Katrina, as exemplified by melting glaciers and rising sea levels due to global warming.

Theron, who has attended the Oscars in a Hybrid car and also owns a Prius, said, "I'm proud to continue supporting Global Green's smart climate solutions by riding to the Emmys in a fuel-efficient hybrid. In the aftermath of Katrina, we especially need to do everything we can to conserve gas and other energy resources such as driving fuel-efficient cars."

Actors participating in Global Green's Red Carpet-Green Cars campaign send a strong message to the American people and the world that we can all be part of the solution to global warming and our addiction to oil. "By buying hybrids and other fuel-efficient vehicles as well as by conserving energy at the pump and in our homes, we can reduce our financial pain, save on high electricity bills and help improve our environment. The recent energy price shocks from Hurricane Katrina remind us of the need to conserve to help the victims, and reduce our dependency on oil," explained Global Green President Matt Petersen.

Over the past three years, Global Green has helped bring an environmental conscience to Hollywood by chauffeuring Oscar nominees to the Academy Awards in hybrid cars. Participants have included Leonardo DiCaprio, Salma Hayek, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Will Ferrell, Sting, Jack Black, Robin Williams, Orlando Bloom, and Penelope Cruz, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. With worldwide attention focused on the awards ceremony, Global Green organizes fuel-efficient transportation each year to allow celebrities the opportunity to demonstrate their concern for promoting energy independence, combating global warming and protecting the environment.

Global Green USA (, headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Washington, D.C., is the U.S. affiliate of Green Cross International, founded by President Mikhail S. Gorbachev in 1993. Global Green USA and Green Cross International are combating three of the greatest challenges facing humanity: weapons of mass destruction, lack of clean water, and global warming -- with targeted community projects, smart policy solutions, and public education. For more information, or to join Charlize Theron and others in signing Global Green's "Pledge of Allegiance to American Energy Independence," please visit
Story via Business Wire