Recycling is Bullsh*t Redux: Let's Declare Nov. 15 Buy Nothing Disposable Day.

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We said it last year: Lets call recycling what it is- a fraud, a sham, a scam perpetrated by big business on the citizens and municipalities of America. A method of getting citizens to pick up corporate waste and for our towns and cities to get stuck with trying to sell the stuff. And lets call America Recycles Day what it is- a marketing ploy by the biggest producers of garbage to make us pick up their crap.

And what a change in a year. The National Recycling Coalition is virtually bankrupt and recyclables are piling up in warehouses around the country because nobody wants them, or they are being sold for far less than the cost to taxpayers to pick it all up. All so the main sponsors of America Recycles day, Nestle waters and the American Chemistry Council, (which never saw a toxic disposable chemical it didn't love) can keep making us feel good about picking up their garbage and storing it for them.

Enough. It is time to celebrate Buy Nothing Disposable Day.

Really, look at the lead sponsors, a bottled water company and the plastics industry megalobby. And a it is a national initiative of the National Recycling Coalition and Keep America Beautiful , whose "social responsibility partners"- biggest donors- are Philip Morris, Pepsico and Waste Management. Do they really think people are going to fall for this?

There once was a time when Pepsi took back its bottles and refilled them at a local bottler. When there were breweries in every town, making local beer, because collecting and cleaning and refilling the beer bottles didn't scale up much beyond the immediate community. Then the big brewers and Coke and Pepsi convinced their customers that it wasn't their responsibility, and we now pay for it in our taxes, in our landfills, in the warehouses full of the plastic bottles and containers that the members of American Chemistry Council are so happy to fill and that Nestle is so happy to sell.

producer responsibility

Instead, let's celebrate those companies that practice producer responsibility. That take back their products at the end of their useful life. That practice the 7Rs, ; we have to also reuse, rot (compost) repurpose, repair, return, refill and most importantly, refuse* to take this crap from these companies any more. Not the lousy so-called three that puts recycling up there as equal with reduce and recycle.


Make Nov. 15 Buy Nothing Disposable Day.

  • Support a restaurant that has real mugs and china.

  • Support companies that have deposits and returnable packaging.

  • Buy only fresh food that comes without packaging.

  • Go zero waste for just a single day.

  • Buy electronics and tech from companies that take it back at the end of it's life.

  • Don't buy anything disposable for just one day.

Let's end fifty years of brainwashing.

*Thanks to Lotus Live for the idea of 7 Rs.

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