Recycling Computers and How much Crap is in them

A recent Macintosh computer fair in California made arrangements to provide attendees with free disposal of their old computer equipment, including monitors and other electronics. Macfair partnered with Ease-e-waste to recycle the 11,280 pounds (5,120kg) of electronic waste that was collected over the two days. Ease-e-waste reckon that over ...... 63 million desktop computers will become obsolete this year. And that every one of those big TV style monitors (CRTs) contain about 4lb (1.8kg) of lead. Other sources suggest that by the time you add in the phosphor, barium, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, beryllium, brominated flame retardants, etc you'll be staring at over 6.6 lb (3kg) of toxic residue per computer. Which might account for the estimate, that of the heavy metals in US landfills, 70% comes from electronic waste. The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition are a good source for more information on the growing issue of electronic waste. Via Macminute [by WM]