Recycler: 5 Sexy and Sustainable Picks from TreeHugger


All this enviro-blather is great and all...but where's the hotness?
For my shallow, design-obsessed brethren out there, here are 5 picks where you get to have your cake and eat it too.

1.Papkorn Disposable Dishwares. Molded from bioplast, a biodegradable corn-based plastic.

2.Icebreaker sportswear. Made from renewable, biodegradable merino wool from the land down under the land down under.

3.Voxia Seating. Made from sustainably harvested beech or walnut, with beautiful lines. Truly amazing.

4.iXi aluminum bike. Folding, oil-free chain. Incredible detailing.

5.BigDig House. Housing made from an old freeway ramp!

[by Graham Hill]