Recycler: 5 Protos TreeHugger would like to see go Prime-Time


Adjustable-height heels, waterless dishwashing, full-on eco-condos? Let's hope these eco-macgyvers push to make their concepts into realities. Like, now.

1.Adjustable height heels. Low for work. Medium for the important meeting. High for that hot lunch-date.

2.Waterless dishwasher. Win all the "most efficient way to wash your dishes" arguments with this baby.

3.WWU Saw+Tin Jug Coffee-can plus old handsaw handle = very cool jug.

4.Sustainable Condo. The whole shebang, furniture to skin to water-systems. And cool-looking.

5.Bikestations: Commuting in the future. Think Park+Ride but for bikes and way better.

[by Graham Hill]