Recycled Truck Tarp Hats Used in Zombieland Movie

Woody Harrelson Wearing Real Deal Brazil Hat Photo

Want to fight zombies and look like a badass at the same time? Well, now you can with the hat worn in the Zombieland movie. It's made from repurposed materials so you can protect the planet from zombies and excess waste at the same time. So what do zombies have to do with recycled truck tarp hats? Apparently Woody Harrelson asked that green materials be used during production of the Zombieland movie, and specifically asked for these hats. In fact, Woody refused to work on the movie unless director Ruben Fleischer cut down on waste and electricity during filming and production. The rest is history, as they say.

Woody Harrelson Wearing Real Deal Brazil Hat with Shotgun in Zombieland Photo

The Real Deal Brazil hat (which looks a bit like a sombrero or something Indiana Jones might wear) is handmade from recycled truck tarp. They all have a rugged distressed look, which ensures that you don't look like a poser wearing a wicked hat when you've never killed a zombie in your life. Also, since they are made from tarps that have taken a beating, you know this hat will be able to take whatever you put it through, including fighting zombies. Plus, you can get a great bag or luggage bag also made out of recycled tarps to match your hat. These bags just look really cool with their distressed lines and broken in look and dusty, sandy coloring.

The hats are handmade in Brazil and then shipped to company headquarters in North Carolina by boat, not plane which is much more efficient, so the only plane ride they take is from North Carolina to your house, which only takes a couple days. Also, the tarp pieces used for the hats are made from tarp that the trucking companies are ready to dispose of. When the hats are made, all scraps are used for patches or to fix holes, so all "waste" is eliminated. The hats retail for $29.99 USD plus shipping. If you do find yourself in a Real Deal Brazil hat, send them a pic. You just might find yourself on their website. :Real Deal Brazil
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