Recycled Life - Documentary on Guatemala City Recyclers

We don't get HBO in Mexico, but through September 12, you can watch the intriguing documentary "Recycled Life" on Cinemax on Demand and find out how a crew of "guajeros," or trash pickers, manage to reduce Guatemala's waste by one million pounds per day.

The 38-minute, Oscar®-nominated film explores the Guatemala City Garbage Dump through the eyes of the 1,700 workers who sort through the city's refuse, looking for items for resale.

Says director Leslie Iwerks: "Though these people are living and working in unspeakable and wretched conditions, their integrity and honor shine brighter than many people in first-world cultures and wealthier nations. Their reality raises profound questions about third-world governments and the ongoing cycle of poverty."

Check it out ::Recycled Life

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