Recycled Life - Documentary on Guatemala City Recyclers

506x190_recycledlife01.jpgWe don't get HBO in Mexico, but through September 12, you can watch the intriguing documentary "Recycled Life" on Cinemax on Demand and find out how a crew of "guajeros," or trash pickers, manage to reduce Guatemala's waste by one million pounds per day.

The 38-minute, Oscar®-nominated film explores the Guatemala City Garbage Dump through the eyes of the 1,700 workers who sort through the city's refuse, looking for items for resale.

Says director Leslie Iwerks: "Though these people are living and working in unspeakable and wretched conditions, their integrity and honor shine brighter than many people in first-world cultures and wealthier nations. Their reality raises profound questions about third-world governments and the ongoing cycle of poverty."

Check it out ::Recycled Life

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