Recycled Cassette Tapes Worn at Global Green Awards

Global Green Matt Petersen photo

Global Green's Matt Petersen shows off his new suit made with old cassette tapes. Photos by Charley Gallay
Global Green handed out its annual Millennium Awards last weekend, recognizing the EPA's 40th anniversary, green buildings and James Cameron's environmental message in Avatar, while raising funds for its efforts with the Gulf Oil spill, green schools and other eco-programs. Among the sustainable gowns, the President/CEO of the US office, Matt Peterson, wore a suit of recycle cassette tapes, and almost snagged a $27,000 donation in a single text message.
Apparently someone unintentionally added an extra zero, but thanks to texting, another $25,000 was pledged within just a few minutes.

Michelle Rodriguez Bahar Soomekh photo

Michelle Rodriquez and Bahar Soomekh speak at the Millennium Awards. Photo by Charley Gallay

Attendees at the 14th annual event included Michelle Rodriquez, star of Avatar, who presented the award to James Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron for environmental leadership in the Entertainment category. The W Hotel received the honor for Green Building with its LEED-certified building above a metro station in Hollywood and the University of California also was recognized for its green campuses.

Pierce Brosnan addressed the crowd, speaking out against the current movement to end the ban on whaling, showing his new public service announcement for Save the Whales. A spokesperson for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), he's written an Open Letter to President Barack Obama urging the administration to uphold the whaling ban with the International Whaling Commission.

There is concern that the Obama administration may support a lift on the global ban in order to stop loopholes that allow whaling for "scientific research" and to impose stricter quotas on the three countries that don't honor the ban--Iceland, Norway and Japan--though the administration insists its interests are for animal conservation.

A new crop of eco-celebs and long-time supporters of Global Green came to awards fundraiser, including actors Bahar Soomekh (Crash, Syriana) Sharon Lawrence, Cheryl Tiegs, Judy Greer, and Mad Men's Alison Brie who also donned recycled cassette tapes woven into her dress of sustainable hemp silk by LA designer Deborah Lindquist.

global green bp protest photo

Global Green and the shrimping/fishing community sent a human text message to BP on Grand Isle, Lousiana.

Rhona Mitra, who stars in the upcoming television show The Gates, shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana, spoke of her frustration in volunteering to assist with BP's oil spill clean-up. "I'm a deep lover of our planet and the beautiful animals and gifts we've been given...What I wanted to do more than anything was to go down and physically put my hands on the situation and lend my free time...there really has been stagnation." She's not alone.

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