Screen-Printed Old Books are Art on Your Book Shelf

Here is a good-looking piece of art that sits on your bookshelf happily. Nestle it in amongst your favourite books and it looks like it's one of the crowd.

In fact it's a hand-crafted screen print on the binding, oops fore edge, of old books. Daniel Speight is a graphic artist who is inspired by the historical and architectural idiosyncrasies of London's streets. He takes everyday materials such as wood and old books and makes them into art.

Book Block is his newest project. It is a form of screenprinting on books either abandoned or destined to be pulped. Reusing existing objects and recycling materials are an integral part of his work.

The project is a celebration of the architecture of a quirky little corner of London, behind the Waterloo train station. It's a mix of old-time shops, new funky restaurants, a nice bookstore and non-profit offices.

He also does iconic London landmarks, such as Big Ben on the Houses of Parliament.

As he explains:

We know the world has to become more sustainable, and I’m enjoying playing a part in that. I love London’s diverse architecture, so to reinvent it as a designer and printmaker I hope does some justice to the way in which we appreciate the geography of this incredible city.

With all the debate about the future of the written word, the Book Block reminds us of the aesthetic charm of seeing and handling treasured books.

Screen-Printed Old Books are Art on Your Book Shelf
Read all about it; these good-looking graphics are printed on the fore edge of old books.

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