Recovering from Thanksgiving: Cookbook Choices

While our neighbors to the south were having Thanksgiving dinner, we were glued to the computer watching the results come in from the Thanksgiving Challenge with the passion of the 2000 American election. We were the second and third people to vote and thus our choice of Marc in Berkeley was in the lead for about 12 minutes, and then we slunk down to a lovely light dinner of tuna and tomato pasta as he sank beneath the waves from the East. Our dinner came from a cookbook that Thanksgiving diners might need in the next few weeks: ::Anne Lindsay's New Light Cooking. This was prepared with the Canadian Medical Association and the recipies are light, low fat and delicious. Recipe for survival: less meat, more vegetables.

In the same uncalcified vein, the American Institute of Cancer research put together a team of cooks, foodwriters and scientists to cook up ::The New American Plate. One would think that a cookbook created by committee that tries to "Marry the art and science of food" might be questionable, but in fact we have loved many of the recipes and reccommend it. Again,"the authors explain the benefits of plant-based eating: living with a lower risk of cancer, for one thing, as well as maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding chronic disease"- If you want to live a long life, lose the meat.