Recognizing World Rivers Day: The Events and Origins of an Eco Holiday

Photo: Danny Catt

Tomorrow, September 28th, is World Rivers Day—and it's an opportunity for people around the world to celebrate and enjoy their waterways, encourage river restoration, and to promote awareness to the problems river ecosystems face today. World River Day: Origins of an Eco Holiday
World River Day officially began four years ago (this one will mark the 4th annual event) in British Colombia, though it was an annual local event 24 years before that. The holiday (of sorts) began as a response to the growing number of dangers to waterways: pollution, global warming, industrial development, etc., and the need to combat the threats with better care for them.

Now, around 100,000 celebrate World River Day in British Colombia alone, and the day is now recognized by several agencies, including UN agencies. According to the website, "This year, events will take place in dozens of countries, ranging from Canada to England, Poland to the United States, Taiwan to Australia and Togo, West Africa to the island of Dominica."

Celebrate World River Day
Depending on where you live, WRD will feature events like river cleanups, community festivals, educational programs, and more. To find out what events are taking place near you, or to organize one of your own, go to the World Rivers Day website.

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