Reclaimed Halloween Nesting Buckets

Carving a Jack-o'-lantern can be a good time. Or not. It helps to block out the pumpkin gut clean-up, sliced fingers, and that one person who inevitably shows up with the Martha Stewart-inspired stenciling kit. Then there's the ongoing fire hazard anxiety, worry about 8th graders kicking in your masterpiece's face, and the knowledge that waiting even one day too long on the stoop or window sill removal will mean opening up Jack's head to find that your candle has been sacrificed to the blackening webs of decomposition. Scary.

With these adorable little lanterns, made from reclaimed barn roof tin, there's no fuss. You get easy clean-up without sacrificing a toe nail's worth of Halloween ambiance. They come in sets of four. $48 :: Uncommon Goods