Recap: Second Annual St. Louis Green Car Show

Last month, we brought you news of the first Chicago Eco-Transportation show hosted by the Foresight Design Initiative in conjunction with Green Drinks Chicago. This week, we got to gawk at green cars over beer a bit closer to home at St. Louis' Second Annual Green Car Show, also a Green Drinks event. While a bit smaller in scope than the Windy City production (because, you know, St. Louis is a bit smaller in scope than Chicago), a number of owners and even dealers of more sustainable automobiles brought their goods to the Schlafly Bottleworks to show off. Among the vehicles present:
  • A biodiesel Mercedes sedan

  • the EarthShell Smart Car

  • a Scion XA

  • a Mercury Mariner

  • a Ford Escape

  • a flexfuel pickup

  • and more...

As in Second City (which, we should note, got the whole transportation show idea from Green Drinks -- the Lou), the car display was followed by a panel discussion featuring several local experts on automobile and transportation issues. Erica Fendler from the St. Louis Association of Community Organizations (SLACO) discussed the group's anti-idling campaign, which aims to make metro area residents aware of anti-idling laws, and to reduce the practice among school bus drivers. Rick Anthes, Associate Professor of Automotive Technology at St. Louis Community College -- Forest Park, talked more generally about alternative fuel technologies available for automobiles. Maud Essen of the St. Louis Biofuels Club (and owner of the above-mentioned Mercedes sedan), gave a primer on biofuels, complete with a boxing puppets show. The crowd came armed with questions, ranging from the viability of hydrogen fuel cells as a commercial application to the potential of algae as a source of biodiesel (a chemistry professor in the crowd got a chance to shine on that one). Of course, Schlafly beer flowed freely (a fairly green product in its own right).

Green Drinks St. Louis doesn't hold an event of this magnitude every month, but they do hold panel discussions bimonthly, with social events filling in the rest of the calendar. We'll certainly be back. ::StLGreenDrinks