Rebel with a Cause, or The Dead Man's Shirt

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The German language green blogs Better and Green and Konsumpf proudly praise native son Kristian Labusga, whose animated short film Rebel with a Cause is making waves. The short has been shown at 13 festivals, travelling Europe from Portugal and Spain through Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Repulic. This week, Rebel with a Cause landed at Siggraph 2009, held this year in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In a concise and entertaining format, Labusga chronicles the lifecycle of a T-shirt, including the "ecological rusksack" which grows heavier with each wash and wear. See Labusga's video below to learn the ultimate irony of the "shirt of the dead."
Video: Rebel with a Cause from YouTube

Kristian Labusga completed Rebel with a Cause during his time as a student at the Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien, HdM). His entry was selected from hundreds of entries to be shown at Siggraph 2009.

The zippy presentation of facts and figures demonstrates the impact that a consumer's choice of a 200 gram cotton "business card of the soul" from the t-shirt rack can have. Without dwelling on the depressing aspects of sweatshops and box stores, the short film quickly arrives at the end-of-life of this year's clever slogan or design.

Ironically, it is back where it started. The shirt, discarded by a wealthy consumer, returns to be resold or donated in the poorer nations, where it may be worn by the very person stiching up next season's styles. According to Rebel with a Cause, these shirts are called "shirt of the dead whites" because their subsequent owners cannot understand that someone would throw away something in such a good condition.

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