Really Really Free Market Next Weekend

"Because there is enough for everyone. Because sharing is more fulfilling than owning. Because corporations would rather the landfills overflow than anyone get anything for free. Because scarcity is a myth constructed to keep us at the mercy of the economy. Because a sunny day outside is better than anything money could buy." This is the philosophy behind Really Really Free Market, a day of swapping skills, goods, and entertainment, developing community, keeping useable items out of the waste stream, and having a rockin' good time. Wikipedia has a short history of the Market; if you know more about it, please do share. It sounds slightly less organized than the Freemeets, but the RRFM involves skillsharing and music as well as the giving and getting of physical objects; Treehugger loves the DIY spirit of it all. The next New York RRFM will take place on July 16th from noon to dusk at St. Mark's Church in the East Village. ::via NYC For Free; no official website available, but you can email the organizers