Reality TV Program Seeks "Ultimate Treehugger Family"

Remember when Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days reality television program featured two 'regular folk' who spent a month at Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village? Now you too can be featured on prime time TV. ABC is seeking the 'ultimate treehugger family' for their wacky and popular program "Wife Swap!" If you and your family are considered the greenest on the block (or off the grid), think about signing up for the program and giving a resource-thirsty family an eco-lesson (and the rest of America along with 'em). The producers are looking for a household that is 'full-time' green - they're interested in featuring your diet, your home, your clothing, your car, the works - 24/7. They are open to any interesting, extreme, or offbeat families. The show is looking for two-parent households with at least one child in the home between 5 and 18 years of age. The producers offer an honorarium of $20,000 to families that participate (and $500 for each referral that ends up getting a family on our show). Read on to find out how you can get a spot on "Wife Swap!"Drop Goloka Bolte a line or a ring at:

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