Readymade Biodegradable Pinecone Ornament

Those crazy kids at Readymade can show us how to make almost everything all right. In this case: Tom Deckert provides an eco-friendly DIY project safe for small children and tipsy in-laws alike.


1. Gather pinecones.

2. Frost them with gum arabic (nontoxic and available at art supply stores).

3. Dust the fronds with flour.

4. Voila! Make a pretty tree.

5. After all the fun ends, compost or place those pinecones right back where you found 'em.

This month's Readymade has lots of other smart season-brightening and gift ideas. Some favorites include the "tree hugger" tree skirt made from a vintage skirt, a watch bracelet fashioned from over-the-hill time pieces, and a scarf constructed from old wool sweaters. You can do it! Photo by James Chiang. ::Readymade