Ready To Wean Off Oil Yet? DIY Fuel for $1 Per Gallon

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Josh Tickell's documentary "Fuel" available on DVD June 22.

Since Earth Day, we've been watching gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, with daily dispatches relaying the horrors. So if the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster isn't enough to motivate you off oil, maybe discovering more about the alternatives will. Just in time, the Sundance Festival winning film, Fuel, is coming to DVD on June 22. Director Josh Tickell now offers DIY details on making alt-fuel for $1 per gallon. But if fryer oil waste isn't your vehicles' cup of tea, Tickell's other bonus features provide more energy-efficient suggestions, from smart power strips to converting your hybrid into a plug-in. Here's more:
Fuel trailer: The world is addicted to oil. It's time for an intervention.

What can you do about the so-called "spill?" Get off oil one item at a time. It's not just in your vehicle but in hidden household items including hand creams, candles, deodorant, contact lenses.


A $20 filter makes biofuel from nearby Mexican restaurant waste oil for diesel Mercedes. Photo by Richard Masoner via Flickr

As for your vehicle, now's a perfect time to switch to a diesel-fueled vehicle, electric or hybrid for a viable alternative. Tickell's documentary Fuel demonstrates the compelling environmental and economic advantages of biodiesel. It includes testimony from Richard Branson, RFK, Jr., Sheryl Crow, and and Woody Harrelson. The DVD extras include a how to save a ton through energy efficiency, Building a Green Bottom Line, Sustainable Biodiesel HERObx, and how to turn your Prius into a 75-125 mpg vehicle through Plug-in Conversions.

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Even before the Gulf's eco-devastation, Louisiana's region for making gasoline has been called "Cancer Alley." As Tickell explains: there are 150 petro-chemical facilities within 100 miles. The "fallout" from these facilities is a toxic cocktail of thousands of pounds of airborne chemicals that affects food, water and soil. Studies show the link between the chemicals and exceedingly high levels of cancer in Louisiana.

Tickell, a Louisiana native, also wrote the book, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank: The Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel. Whether it's algae, switch grass, coconut oil, or landfill, or electricity, let the BP catastrophe be a personal fossil fuel wake-up call.

The director is screening the film in New Orleans on June 26 for those affected by the eco-disaster. If not there, the Fuel video with all its bonus features is available as an Amazon preorder or viewing on Netflix.

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