Readers Respond to PETA's Super Bowl Video

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Screenshot from PETA video.

After Brian's post about PETA's "banned Super Bowl" commercial earlier this week, TreeHugger readers had a lot to say in the comments and on our Facebook page. Here are a few of the many viewpoints you shared. Reader "who" wrote:

Seriously, is this the best way to promote a plant-based diet and compassion for living things? Just a tad sexist and a lot stupid. They aren't embarrassed?

Sproutchicago wrote:

Great - Instead of exploiting animals let's exploit women! Brilliant work sacrificing one right for another.

Vegetarian in Ohio wrote:

Unbelievable. This is borderline soft core porn in my opinion. I've been a vegetarian since 16, and in no way do I want to relate to this. PETA's advertisements went from somewhat preachy to exploiting women. There's another way to gain attention from the public. How about being creative guys?

Dfdgf wrote:

This is promoting sex, casual, kinky sex. Not a vegetarian diet, not compassion for animals, nothing that PETA is supposed to be standing up for. I'm sorry PETA but you've become what you tried to fight against.

Emmy highlighted the difference between the advertising department of PETA and the average PETA worker:

I've spoken to the non-advertising PETA staff. THEY are good people. Their in depth information is great, mostly (except for the idea of vegetarian cats, that's just moronic).

Their pamphlets on betta fish, exotic pets, zoos, all that is stellar and comes from Biology professors or veterinarians. It's horrible that their campaigns are so offensive and have destroyed all the good that could have come from their collective information.

Over on our Facebook page, there was even more response. Others chided us for adding to the publicity PETA is craving by posting about the video.

Thom wrote:

All publicity is good, philosophy...and Treehugger is helping them....

John wrote:

PETA's mission is to protect animals, and a key strategy for this is to promote vegetarianism. They also have a limited budget to accomplish this goal. That said they have done brilliantly to create a commercial that never stood a chance of seeing air time on Super Bowl at a cost of $3 million. Instead it's going viral - for FREE - and the polarized debate that's now raging because of bikinis is nothing more than free advertising. BRILLIANT!

Ina had a more lighthearted view:

If I were in that commercial, I would have totes used kale. would have made a bikini out of it. just saying.

Karen wrote:

I received my PETA membership renewal form in the mail on the day this clip was released. I won't be renewing my membership. Yes, cruelty to animals is a bad thing, but so is exploitation of women, and PETA need to learn that two wrongs don't make a right.

Angela wrote:

I think the point they work at gets muddied by the objectification of women and the hyper-sexual imagery....women appear being used as tools to generate attention, which is working. but it's dumbed down and crude. I suppose if the point is to reach the generally indifferent masses it's effective. but is it? do you think the average American who only looks at an ad for the T&A; factor will actually get this message?

Jessica wrote:

PETA is far more concerned with publicity and their internet presence than they are with making the world a better place for animals. Work within your local community to make things happen, f*ck PETA.

Kayla wrote:

The more ad's that they produce, the more respect I lose for them. If the ad's are not judgemental, they are objectifying women and men alike. Is that really how we want to advertise such a compassionate lifestyle? It's unfortunate.

Other readers took issue with the idea that this is exploitative:

Jane wrote:

As I woman, I find it insulting that people say the video is demeaning to women. Those women chose to be in that video because they wanted to be. They got paid for it, and they are beautiful, and they are comfortable with showing it off. To say it's demeaning implies they don't have a mind of their own. Look how many ads are on TV with men being made to look dumb for not knowing how to operate household appliances or look after kids etc. You don't see them complaining, they take it how it is. Man up ladies.

You can read the rest of the comments on the Facebook thread. If you have a viewpoint that is represented above, let us know in the comments.

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Readers Respond to PETA's Super Bowl Video
After Brian's post about PETA's "banned Super Bowl" commercial earlier this week, TreeHugger readers had a lot to say in the comments and on our Facebook page. Here are a few of the many viewpoints you shared. Reader "who"