Reader Question: So how is the planet doing?

Reader Andre needs help: "I'm part of a project that is gathering in one place all the global statistics on how the earth is doing. The project is called the "State of the World." I need help finding measures for the planet as a whole. For instance, Yale has the Environmental Performance Index, which is global in scope. And the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tracks everything from temperature change to carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Terralingua is tracking something unique they call Biocultural Diversity. What are other groups tracking? What global measures are there for biodiversity, ocean health, arable land, rainforest, ice coverage, number of species, etc? If you'd like a copy of the results, send an email to aangel [at] InspiringGreenLeadership [dot] com. Thank you for helping out, Andre Angelantoni." If you think you can help, please email him or leave a comment. My suggestion? The Happy Planet Index!