Reader Question: Need Help with Kitchen Appliances

Reader Wendy Cooper would like some help from the TreeHugger community. Here is her dilemma: "We'll soon be renovating the kitchen of a basement apartment in Scotland. The existing appliances are aging and inefficient and we'd like to acquire a new fridge/freezer and all-electric cooker/range (to run on green electricity).... but I'm not clear on the most energy-efficient solutions. For cooking, which we do lots of, we were considering an induction hob and standard electric oven. But then we discovered that Aga now make a 13amp 2-oven range which uses 220kWhr per week. This would not only do all of our cooking but keep the kitchen (and maybe more of the apartment) warm without the need for further heating - this seems appealing in a naturally cool basement. So that's the Cooking Dilemma: induction vs Aga. The refrigeration is also an issue. (I should say straight off that Sunfrost isn't on the cards because of cost). To save electricity we have considered doing without a freezer and just buying a fridge with a small ice-box. On the other hand, I wonder, is it actually more energy-efficient to have a freezer (and large-ish low-energy consumption fridge) so that cooking can be done in bulk and stored, thus saving the energy used in cooking?? So the Chilling Dilemma. Any Treehugger thoughts would be very welcome indeed. Best wishes, Wendy." Please leave your suggestion or share your experience in the comments. Thank you.