"Reader Gift Guide Contest": Make a Wist

If you have been paying attention to our "Reader Gift Guide" Contest, you know that TreeHugger has been asking you to send us a list of your favorite gifts from the site (and if you haven't seen anything about the contest, be sure to go check it out). Well, we are tweaking the rules just a little bit. other sites, we are accepting gift guides that include gifts from any green site on the net. And, to accommodate this, we are asking you to use Wists to make your list. Now, all you need to do is get a 3 item gift guide together on wists.com, use the tag treehugger_gift_guide for each item, and then send us the link to your "wist". Send it to: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com - by December 18th for your shot at a $200 gift certificate from our friends at Vessel.

[edit] - TreeHugger programmer Nick brings up a great trick in the comments. As long as you are signed in to Wists, you can add any TreeHugger post to it simply by clicking "Add to Wists" at the bottom of the post. How cool! (Thanks Nick)