"Reader Gift Guide" Contest: Get Your Entry In!

You only have a couple days left to enter our "Reader Gift Guide" Contest and have your shot at the $200 gift certificate offered from our friends at Vessel. Remember, all you need to do to enter is make a "wist" at wists.com of your three best green gift ideas for the holidays, tag each item on your "wist" with the term "treehugger_gift_guide" and give a short description of why you think each gift idea is so cool. If you are putting something from TreeHugger on your guide, we make it easy - just hit the "add to wist" button at the bottom of the post while you are signed into wist.com, and voila, it shows up on your "wist". After you have everything together, just email a link of your "wist" to: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com. Do it to get great gift ideas for others, do it to look at stuff for yourself, but mostly do it to get your hands on that Vessel gift certificate. Just be sure to do it by this Sunday, December 18th.