RARE Wiki: Threat Reduction Yellow Pages

Wiki Wiki means "hurry quick" in Hawaiian. It seems appropriate in the context of a the new Threat Reduction Yellow Pages Wiki, a project organized by the US-based non-profit conservation organization RARE, because it can never be too soon to stop the decay of biodiversity and the natural environment. Billed in the email publicizing RARE's new effort as the "Web's first Conservation Tools and Threats Wiki", the site is a unique vehicle for collecting grass-roots experience from the local heroes who are making a difference every day and making it available for others to follow in their footsteps. What works? What doesn't?
At this point, the Threat Reduction Yellow Pages is waiting for enthusiastic contributors to bleed ideas over the nearly blank pages. The Wiki is roughly laid out on the framework developed by The Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) for classification of direct threats and tools. This will spur idea under rubrics such as "Residential and Commercial Development", "Biological Resource Use" and "Invasive and Other Problematic Species & Genes" among others. No tool categories are even suggested yet for "Geological Events" or "Climate Change and Severe Weather" (Al Gore, where are you?)

Under "Agriculture and Aquaculture" an example is given for a TreeHugger favorite tool--the solar stove. But one can see that more ideas are needed from the field. For your consideration: how exactly can a local conservationist recommending that people use a solar stove, to prevent their native land being stripped of woody plants, ensure that adequate UV eye protection is worn while cooking?

So "wiki wiki", make your mark today at the RARE Conservation Wiki.

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