Rap Guide to Wilderness celebrates wild nature and the ways it enriches our lives

Baba Brinkman
© Baba Brinkman

The man who brought us the Rap Guide to Evolution is back to entertain, educate, and inspire us with a thought-provoking album that captures the spirit of conservation.

Thanks to the patronage of the WILD Foundation, which has been working on wilderness conservation issues for over 40 years, nature-lovers and hip-hop fans alike will soon have access to a new album of infectious tunes that are packed full of eco-consciousness.

Baba Brinkman, the Canadian hip-hop artist who created the Rap Guide to Evolution and the Rap Guide to Religion (along with penning 5 hip-hop plays), has launched his Rap Guide to Wilderness, which is said to explore "the contributions of wild nature to human happiness," with half of the net profits from the album going to support WILD’s conservation programs.

The seven tracks on the album cover wilderness and conservation and nature topics, ranging from habitat and biodiversity loss to green city living and endangered species. The project aims to not only promote public awareness of how wilderness plays a role in human health and prosperity, but to also emphasize the importance of cultivating a relationship between ourselves and wild nature.

All too often, nature and wilderness are seen as being something outside of, and beyond, our own human experience, which we might visit as we would a museum or famous building, to be checked off a list of 'must visit' places and then Instagrammed and Tweeted, but which we feel no real connection with after we return home. And because of this disconnect between humans and wild nature, nature and wild places are often viewed as merely a resource to be tapped for our own material needs, not as an essential element of the holistic human experience which can enrich us all (OK, I went a little woo-woo there, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

The Rap Guide to Wilderness addresses that topic of humans being in relationship with nature, which is also one of the values of a core initiative of the WILD Foundation, Nature Needs Half (NNH). NNH seeks to protect and connect "at least half of the Earth’s natural areas, on both land and water," in order to "provide life-support" for both humans and nature, in the form of ecosystems and biodiversity that are essential to a thriving and resilient world.

Whether we admit it or not, we're all in relationship with natural systems all the time, from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the weather outside our window, and acknowledging that relationship can help to strengthen it.

"The core issue is the lack of true relationship between people and nature. People largely see nature as a resource to be used for human good, short term. The Rap Guide to Wilderness speaks to something else, that wildness is part of us; it provides for us and has “grown” us for 2 million years. We need to honor that relationship, allow space for nature on its own, so that the relationship can flourish, not wither." - Vance Martin, President of WILD

Here's one of the tracks from the Rap Guide to Wilderness album, titled Tranquility Bank:

Listen to the tracks at Baba Brinkman's site and choose to download as a "name your price" item, or buy it from WILD's website ($10).

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