Ranking The 3 Rs

ranking order of 3rs image high moon

I liked this cartoon by High Moon over at Japan for Sustainability. I never thought about it quite this way before. Ranking the 3 Rs in order of importance, they give Reduce the first place, followed by Reuse and a third place for Recycle. Or should they all rank the same?

JFS also has a cute website for kids, called Create Your Future. Do have a look!Some of the topics over at JFS kid's website are a challenge even for adults to make sense of. The issues raised include How to Have a Car without Owning It, or How We Learn from Nature.

The Story of a Mysterious Land is set in the future, with ideas about how it might feel to suddenly find yourself in a future that is more eco-friendly and "people friendly."

The web site was produced by the Service Grant team members, a program that provides non-profit organizations with pro bono services by business professionals. The original model for this program was created by Taproot Foundation in San Francisco and was adapted by the Tokyo-based Earthday Money Association.

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