RANDOM: Slow Down To Speed Up???


I love concepts that make you question your beliefs. This article (thanks ::WorldChanging!) talks about a fascinating new concept in street design. Basically, by removing all the rules (signs, sidewalks etc.) and allowing people and cars to share the same space, people end up using common sense and the result is smoother flowing traffic (get home sooner!), less accidents and a more pedestrian friendly environment. :: Full article at SalonYou see, the major time-sucker while driving in cities is the intersection. So, if you allow people to negotiate each one at a slower speed (rarely stopping) then even though they never get going that fast, they still get to their destination more quickly not to mention safely. This is why when I take the scooter and my girlfriend takes her bike to go home, she often beats me because she can sneak through the intersections. Slow down to speed up. Less rules, more "chaos", smoother flow and less accidents. Who knew?