Random: Buy an MBA spot on Ebay

Friend of TreeHugger, Karel Samsom, is a professor at the International MBA program at Nyenrode University in the Netherlands. In keeping with the entrepreneurial and stakeholder focus of the school, as of March 1st, it will be possible to bid for a spot in their MBA program on Ebay. The winner gets to attend the $50,000/program at whatever they end up paying (still have to meet basic entrance requirements).

"Proceeds from the auction will go toward charity, most likely a needy elementary school in New York City" as Nyenrode is committed to the traditional Dutch concept that business has a commitment to profit and employees, community and environment. TreeHugger thinks this is a fun idea and notes that besides an entrepreneurial focus, they also are strong on environmental subjects. So..you Greenie MBA hopefuls out there...Let the bidding begin. ::Nyenrode Website ::Nyenrode Email [by Graham Hill]