Raiz Diseno: Responsible Design Symposium in Chile


(Disclaimer: the writer knows one of the organizers of this event) Next November 29th until December 1st will take place Raiz Diseno, a symposium oriented to discuss several subjects around responsible design, working with artisan communities, new ways of consume, and initiatives related to design that have improved the life of communities.

Practices related to the so-called 'responsible design' have had much more development in Latin America than those regarding 'green design', since the poor social and economic state of many communities in the countries of this region have moved designers to use their talents to improve these people lifestyle. So far, however, there hadn't been an event that took special care of this line of work many Latin designers have chosen; and Raiz Diseno seems to be taking that empty spot.One of the organizers of the event, Laura Novik, is an Argentine entrepreneur based in Chile that has been forming a network of responsible designers in Latin America and Spain for the last years. "We designers use to anesthetize ourselves with aesthetics without ethical content and forget that our goal is to solve people’s problems. I think the designer is a relevant player in the edge of innovation, and that design is a tool to foresee the future and for decision taking. For some this is a burden, but for others, this is a stimulant to go on", she says in Raiz Diseno’s presentation.

The event is a series of conferences with professionals from different backgrounds and origins that will bring together designers, people from organizations, governmental organisms and universities.

On Thursday, November 29th, for example, there will be a presentation about Design Management for Artisan Work, which will take on the ways to revaluate the skills of artisan communities for them to fit today's world; another about Work Processes with Local Communities; and another about New Ways of Consume.

On Friday, November 30th, there will be a presentation about Design and Cultural Management by Brazilian journalist Adelia Borges, one of the directors of the Museu da Casa Brasileira and known promoter of responsible design in Brazil. There will also be a conference about small companies development and Investigation to Create an Impact, which will discuss the paths for which design investigation can reach communities in need. That day will also host a conference called Illuminated by Design, which will take on ideas that have improved the lives of people and their communities.

The last day, Saturday, December 1st, will be for a presentation about work with local communities in Brasil by Piracema Design; another about design for emerging communities; and there will be a discussion workshop to close the symposium.

The event is organized by Raiz Diseno, INACAP Temuco, Catholic University of Temuco and Ona Foundation; and will take place in the city of Temuco, 670 kilometers from Santiago de Chile.

You can see the program in PDF here (in Spanish), or contact the organizers for more info via e-mail to simposioraizdiseno [at] gmail [dot] com. Their website, ::Raiz Diseno, is under construction.

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