Rainwater Harvesting: Upcoming Workshop in Toronto

People in charge at the City of Toronto are asking:

"Why are we using expensive, treated drinking water to flush toilets and irrigate lawns, when rainwater is a resource we can tap into for this water supply?"

This treehugger grew up beside Lake Ontario, where we have a "closed loop" system- we take our water out and purify it (mainly in the absolutely beautiful Art Deco RC Harris Filtration plant) use the water, flush it down and clean it at another plant and put it back into the lake. We never thought much about how much water we used-it isn't metered and its a very big lake.


It turns out that nothing is free- Our waste water and storm water go through the same pipes and whenever it rains, the system gets overloaded and raw sewage goes into the lake. Now we have to take drastic measures to reduce the amount of water and runoff that is generated so that we can process it all.

Thus we look forward to attending and reporting on this Rainwater Harvesting Workshop on May 24 in Toronto.

This workshop will feature rain water harvesting experts from Germany, Australia, the U.S. and Canada talking about their experiences. Attendees will be challenged to think about how these strategies could contribute to the new "triple bottom line" that includes economy, community and environment. Attendees will look at progressive, yet realistic means of "harvesting" rainwater and using it in a more productive and beneficial way.

you can get more registration and register through ::URISA (be patient, it is not designed for easy navigation) or contact ::Gary Stinson at the City of Toronto by [LA]