RainTrust — Another Initiative to Save the Amazon


Billed as "one of the most comprehensive efforts in history to preserve the Amazon region while building a sustainable rainforest economy" the RainTrust asks for $100 USD for its 'Protect an Acre' project. For each $100, sponsors receive a certificate, but also the unique GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates for their acre (0.4 hectares) and an aerial grid photograph of the location. And in the fullness of time ecotours are planned, so you can go visit your sponsored acre. Your financial support is used to "reclaim deforested lands, and support the growth of environmentally-friendly businesses to create a thriving economy in the Amazon, as an alternative to massive deforestation." RainTrust (nice word-play of name) is a for-profit company organised to facilitate business development and international marketing for forest-based businesses that spring from the program. They work closely with the Brazilian NGO, Amazonas Verde, who is dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. Thanks to Rachel B. who gave us the tip. Heaps more info - including a long list of endorsements from high profile folk who reckon it is a very sound concept - can be found on their extensive website at ::RainTrust