Radiohead Telecommute To Play Conan, Saving CO2

Last year, Radiohead bucked tradition by debuting their new album via web-only download, saving on paper and plastic. Last week, Thom Yorke and his Oxford band mates appeared on Conan's "green" show from home, saving as much CO2 as a car produces in a year, Yorke said. (But it's probably more than that, especially if Radiohead zip around in their own jet.) Yorke, who has been campaigning for bigger, binding carbon cuts in the EU, dedicates the song, "House of Cards," with its "denial, denial" chorus, to that "tw-t who walked away from the Kyoto agreement. What was his name again? He's history anyway." Ouch.

Of course, this isn't the future of live concerts -- and it's about time the band emerged from the basement. But for late night talk shows, where musical acts are shot for a TV audience anyway, Radiohead is on to something.

Billboard just put the band in the no. 8 spot on its "Green Ten" list, behind Dave Matthews (on whose label Radiohead now appears), and Jack Johnson

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