Radical! Personal Carbon Credit Swipe Cards for UK


While the G8 countries were agreeing to finesse the rhetoric over their various responses to climate crisis, the British environment minister, David Miliband was at home hatching a plan most radical. A user pays scheme based on personal consumption of carbon dioxide. All citizens would be issued with a swipe card with equal credits for carbon use. Those Brits who drive gas guzzlers and jet off to Fiji for their holidays would eat through their credit faster and have to buy more. Those who ride bikes or use renewable energy sources would need less credits, and could sell their spare points to a central carbon bank. Apparently everyone from the Queen on down would be required to abide by the system, with deductions being made wherever a purchase of non-renewable energy was made. Minister Miliband said, "If you think about us as individuals - we are emitting about four tonnes of carbon every year and that's probably three times as much as we can afford..." He sees the scheme run on the same basis as customer loyalty cards already in place. The Isle of Wight has been proposed as one possible location to run a pilot trial to test the idea. Who have thought we'd live to see the day when government could be both creative and bold? Gives one hope. Via ::The Guardian.