Quote of the Day: Robert Thurman on Finding Peace for Effective Activism

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Photo: kudumomo/Flickr
Once we find inner peace, any small bit of it, baby step by baby step, we feel much better, even joyful and energized. Then whatever activist work we do to achieve outer peace in any situation comes from an effective place and does not create more turbulence and counter-reactions.

If only I stumbled upon Buddhist scholar, Robert Thurman's fine advice in my early twenties I could have spared days spent depressed, downtrodden, and outright stressed over environmental catastrophes that were largely out of my control. Mental exhaustion from that rarely left me stoked to pen an inspired blog post, not to mention quick to participate in community efforts. I was the apex of ineffective. What would life feel like "joyful" or "energized" in the face of less joyful world happenings like the recent BP oil spill or Japan's nuclear meltdown? That's what I asked myself before cultivating a regular yoga/meditation practice and now I'm beginning to taste it -- energy and joy amidst chaos -- and the taste is oh-so sweet.

Fellow dear eco-warriors fighting the good fight, whether through pen, voice or administration-- make time to find your center. Using the activity that works for you, whether that's meditation, hiking, biking, unplugging or enjoying a good glass of wine. :) The planet's relying on our collective calm and skillfully directed energy that produces quality (not just quantity) blog posts, petition signing, legislative calls, smart design, entrepreneurial ideas, community participation, and volunteering.

Let's do this!

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