Quote of the Day: Peter Walsh on Materialism


Photo credit: TLC/Discovery Communications
When we buy something, we tend to buy—certainly the product—but much more the promise. If you buy this lipstick, guys will pick you up. If you buy this cookbook, your family will sit around the table laughing and smiling like Leave It to Beaver.

Nnnae! You need to think about the responsibility you have when you buy something. You're...buying the manufacturing process, the resources, the energy, the shipping cost. Don't talk to me about global warming and corporations, because every time you buy an item, you're [having an] impact on the planet."

—Peter Walsh, organizer for TLC's clutter-busting reality show Clean Sweep, in the Feb/March 2008 issue of ReadyMade.

Full disclosure: TLC and TreeHugger are both subsidiaries of Discovery Communications.